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My story

 My passion for nutrition was first born thanks to my parents, who have their own fruit and vegetable garden. They were (and still are) cooking whole-food nutritious meals, making their own preserves, as well as fermenting and smoking foods. I remember watching my mum creating delicious healthy meals, which I enjoyed so much I never fancied eating out or trying any of the fast foods, that were becoming popular at that time. 

As a student my eating habits worsened and so did my health. After a few years of malnourishment accompanied by a lot of stress I developed  Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Premenstrual Syndrome, sleeping disorder, anxiety, irritability attacks, joint problems and I was very, very unhappy.That made me realise the connection between poor physical and mental health, the lack of nutrients and an unhealthy lifestyle. I decided I have to change that and that’s how my journey to better health began.

I started studying Nutritional Therapy at the Institute of Health Sciences, where I discovered Functional Medicine. It has educated me in how to treat the body as a whole, by using the power of nutrients. I used this knowledge in creating a super healthy homemade meals and that’s how I cured myself. Thanks to the appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes, in combination with natural dietary supplements, all my health issues disappeared and I finally felt happy and healthy. Actually, I felt like a Super Human!

Now I made it my life goal to share with you my knowledge and experience, to help make you feel better than ever before. And, to make you realise that healthy eating doesn’t need to be complicated, time consuming and expensive. We can create extremely nutritious, very tasty recipes on a budget.

Join me on my trip to becoming Super Human!

Love yourself! Love life! Feel amazing!

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