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“I had the pleasure to benefit from Ola’s expertise, passion and generosity at SAP.

We hired Ola as speaker and exhibitor in both SAP locations in Ireland (Dublin & Galway) in celebration of World Health Day. Ola offered mini-consultations to employees with the option of adding food intolerance testing and the additional bonus of receiving a full body composition analysis. These consultations were booked out shortly after we sent the first invite to our colleagues and we had to maintain a waiting list.”

2000px-SAP-LogoFeedback from participants has been very positive and Ola’s talks on Energy & Vitality and Healthy Weightloss were popular and enlightening. Ola combines new research with ancient wisdom in her approach and teaches practical tips from her own experience.

Working with Ola was a real pleasure, she is a true professional who brought so much more to the table than what we had anticipated. She “lives what she teaches” and shares her own way to health and wellness which makes her relateable and empathic towards her clients. Based on the positive feedback received we are hoping to invite Ola back soon not just for our next health event but to offer regular consultations.”

“Nutritionist Ola Mazurkiewicz recently gave a tremendous presentation to Wallace Myers International. The presentation was excellent. It was delivered in a professional, clear manner and was thoroughly enjoyable.wmi_oglogo

The one on one consultations that Ola gave with each staff member were very well received. Each consultation was in depth and covered a wide range of topics including weight, body mass index (BMI), water content, muscle mass and bone density.

A full lifestyle history was taken and Ola provided many useful tips and suggestions including food planning and preparation.

There has also been a lot of follow up and support.”