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Investment in the health of your employees is an investment in the future of your company!


Positive Vitality offers a vide range of Health Talks which will help to create a healthy and  happy work environment in your company. Boosting the health of your employees will bring a boost of productivity, creativity and effectiveness to your company.

Healthy Eating Made Easy talk


It is important that your employees have knowledge of how to eat healthy. Finding out how to create an easy healthy  meal plan on a budget will have a huge influence on the wellness of your employees. Healthy eating will positively affect their work life by increasing the energy levels, productivity, ability to concentrate and much more.

From the Healthy eating made easy talk you will find out:

  • Four Simple Rules of what healthy meal should contain
  • Four easy steps of how to create a meal plan that will save you time and money!

Who can benefit?

Everyone struggling with eating healthy. Or lacking for inspiration for a healthy meal and time for a healthy cooking.

Do you think healthy eating is expensive and difficult? Well, you are wrong!

Energy and Vitality talk

Energy & Vitality

By educating your employees how to increase their energy levels you will give your company and positive energy boost. Energised  employees tend to work more productive, be more creative and more actively participate in the work related tasks.

From the Energy and Vitality Talk you will find out:

  • what are energy disruptor causing that we are living in energy crisis times
  • how to produce energy efficient and live life full of vitality

Who can benefit?

Everyone feeling fatigued, exhausted and not able to cope with everyday challenges.

Those overwhelmed by physical and emotional stress and not able to deal with it.

Healthy Weight Loss talk

weight loss class that works

Excess weight is a serious health tread that could be affecting many of your employees. By teaching them how to normalise their weight you will help them to avoid excess weight related diseases which often require time of work and also are making  the overweight employees far less efficient in a workplace.

From the Healthy Weight Loss talk you will find out how:

  • change you diet and lifestyle to enable you to maintain a healthy weight loss
  • increase your metabolism and become a fat burning machine
  • overcome your weight loss barriers and stay lean forever!

Who can benefit?

Everyone willing to change your eating and lifestyle habits the way they can stay healthy and lean forever.

Those who are struggling with weight related health problems, like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid problems, gallstones, breathing problems and many more.

Blood Sugar Control talk


Lots of employees experience afternoon energy drop causing them to work less efficient and to have no enthusiasm for performed tasks. Blood sugar fluctuations are responsible for those energy drops, which are related to symptoms like fatigue, lack of concentration, low mood, foggy brain, dizziness, headache and more. By helping your employees to overcome those issue you will help to create an efficient work environment with a higher job satisfaction level.

From the Blood Sugar Control talk to find out:

  •  what dietary and lifestyle habits are causing energy spikes and drops and contributing to fatigue and exhaustion
  • how to balance blood sugar levels to enable you to increase metabolism and energy, lose weight, improve concentration and memory

Who can benefit?

Everyone suffering from unstable energy levels, tiredness, fatigue, and anxiousness  or bad mood.

Those who suffer from slow metabolism, difficulty to lose weigh and hormonal unbalances.

People struggling with blood sugar related diseases, like obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease.

Stress Management talk


Stressed out employees are cannot be effective and they may be negatively influencing the workplace environment. Teach your employees how they can deal with stress better to prevent their mental and physical burnout. When people are less stress they are much more creative, productive, happy and they get sick less often.

From the Stress Management talk you will learn how to:

  •  balance stress to be more productive, creative, effective, healthier and happier in a workplace and outside it
  • change your dietary and lifestyle habits to enable you to deal with the consequences of stress better

Who can benefit?

Those feeling overwhelmed, tired and fatigued.

People struggling to get a good night sleep.

Everyone  feeling anxious and irritated all the time.

Immune Support talk


Low immune system is the main cause of increased absenteeism rate in a workplace. Give your employees information how they can boost their immune system to create a healthier work environment with  energised employees a whole year around.

From the Immune Support talk you will find out:

  •  what factors are suppressing our immune system and making us sick and unwell
  • how to boost the immune system to be healthy, energetic and live life without disease

Who can benefit?

People who keep catching colds and flue and struggling to overcome it.

Those reacting to may foods and environment factors with allergy or intolerance symptoms.

Everyone suffer from immune deficiency disorder, which is attacking their joints, bones, lymph nodes, blood cells or vital organs.

Food and Mood talk

Happy man eating a salad

Employees who are experiencing a low mood are less willing to work and they enjoy work related tasks less. Bad mood is easily spreading around negatively affecting other team members. To avoid this situations let you employees find out more about the food and mood connection to create a happy workplace.

From the Food and Mood Talk you will learn how:

  •  food can affect not only our psychical but also mental health and influence our mood
  • feel positive and happy and improve our memory and concentration, by improving our diet and lifestyle

Who can benefit?

Everyone low in energy, exhausted and often bad mood or anxious.

Or maybe not able to build a sustaining commitment to lose weight, eat better and live healthier.

People who’s diet includes sugar, gluten and processed foods and you struggling to eliminate them.

Detox talk


Poor detoxification is negatively affecting our health and contributing to low performance at work and outside it. By teaching your employees how they can detoxify better you are helping to improve their health and achieve better work results.

From the Detox talk you find out how:

  • modern lifestyle and nutrition may be negatively affecting our health
  • to effectively detoxify our body to enhance the overall health and quality of life

Who can benefit?

People feeling tired, fatigued, sluggish or out of sync, often in bad mood or even depressed.

Those struggling with skin problems, allergies, aches and pains, digestive or hormonal issues problems.

Or maybe trying to lose weight with no success and nothing seams to work for them.

Digestive Support talk

Digestive support

Many of your employees may be affected by detoxification issues which may be making their life and social relations quite unpleasant. Untreated digestive problems may require some time out of work. Create a healthier and more enjoyable work environment for your employees by educating them how to overcome their digestive issues.

From the Digestive Support talk you will find out:

  •  how important for our health is well working digestive system
  • what dietary and lifestyle will help to improve you digestion and make you live fuller, better and more enjoyable

Who can benefit?

Those suffering from digestive imbalances, like ingestion, heartburn, bloating, flatulence, constipation or diarrhoea.

Or maybe struggling with the side effects of poor digestion, like Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, fatigue, migraines, headaches, poor immunity, inflammation and food intolerances.

Food intolerance talk

food intolerance testing small pic

Undiscovered food intolerances may contribute to more serious health issues that could require time of work. Some of the symptoms of food intolerances are low energy, low mood, brain food, fatigue, headache, low concentration and more which may negatively affect your employees and their team at work. Teach them how to resolve those issues to help them to work better and take less days off sick.

From the Food Intolerance Talk you will find out:

  • how food intolerance could develop and how to overcome it
  • how to find out triggers and remove them without compromising our diet

Who can benefit?

People suffering from tension, anxiety, migraines, depression or headaches.

Or from skin problems or digestive issues.

Those who’s immune system is low and they feel constantly fatigued.

Supercharging Your Diet talk

Give your employees a chance to find out how they could increase the energy levels and boost the immune system by upgrading they diet. Let them learn about the healthiest foods in the world!

From the Supercharging Your Diet talk you will find out about:

  •  the most nutritious foods in the world
  • amazing power of nutrients which can heal, energise and help us be a super-humans!

Who can benefit?

Everyone looking for and extra energy kick to deal with everyday life challenges.

Those who would like to upgrade you diet to make it even more nutritious.

Or maybe boost their health with a support of tasty super foods.

Functional Sports Nutrition talk

SEMINARS Functional Sport Nutrition

Give your employees a knowledge how they can prepare themselves to corporate physical activity events. Let them achieve better results and be more proud of the company they are representing.

From the Functional Sports Nutrition talk you will learn how to:

  • upgrade your diet and lifestyle to improve performance results, speed up the recovery process, prevent injuries, burn fat and build muscles

Who can benefit?

Either you are a Professional athletes and sports enthusiasts this talk will help you to achieve maximum results.

Contact me today to become a company of tomorrow!