Dinner Recipes for a Healthy Weight Loss

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IMG_0790Baked Chicken Legs with beetroot, kale, onion and tahini dressing – recipe here

Peri-peri Chicken Livers and Green Salad with Parmezan shavings – recipe here

Duck Brest with Asian Style Stir Fry Greens – recipe here

Chicken Devolay – recipe here to be served with Green Peas Mash – recipe here

Ribs braised in Sauerkraut – recipe here

Bone Broth with Veggies – recipe here


Vegetarian Options: curried-red-lentil-butternut-squash-soup-close-up-1024x682

Vegan Curry – recipe here

Lentils and Quinoa cutlets with Cheesy filling – recipe here serve with Creamy Cauliflower – recipe here

Chickpeas and Sweet potato Pate – recipe here serve with steamed broccoli

Green Peas and Cauliflower Soup – recipe here