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Food and Mood


The Food and Mood Program is especially designed

For everyone who’s low in energy, exhausted, often bad mood or anxious.

For everyone not able to build a sustaining commitment to lose weight, eat better, live healthier and so on.

For those whose diet includes sugar, gluten and processed foods.


Why Food is important for the Mood?

It is well known that your mood can trigger food carvings, be responsible for binge eating, or the opposites – it can kill your appetite entirely. It is also a fact the food you eat can make or break your mood, and that diet can shape your mental health inside out.
This close connection come from the fact that we humans have two brains- one in the head and one in a gut (both created from the same tissue during foetal development), which are connected via vagus nerve. Maintaining optimal gut health is therefore crucial when trying to address your mental state.