How excess body fat is affecting the health?

/How excess body fat is affecting the health?
How excess body fat is affecting the health? 2017-05-26T09:17:56+00:00

How excess body fat is affecting the health?


The amount of research indicating the undoubted connection between the excess body fat (adipose tissue) and health problems of common worldwide is overwhelming. The scientists are alarming that the socialites worldwide are suffering form an epidemic of metabolic related illness, like Diabetes, High Blood Preassure, High Cholesterol and Obesity.


Metabolic syndrome is a clustering of risk factors, such as central obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidaemia and hypertension that together culminate in the increased risk of chronic illness. Also of particular interest is the relationship between metabolic syndrome and cancer. Metabolic syndrome has been associated with a plethora of cancers including breast, pancreatic, colon and liver cancer. 


It is estimated one in four adults is afflicted with the metabolic syndrome. There has never be such a high number of people suffering from metabolic related illness in our history and the governments never before had to spend so much at the Health Care.


It is clear now that the excess body fat affects not only the way we look, but also our health. Unfortunately the list of excess body fat related illness doesn’t end on metabolic syndrome. The excess adipose tissue can accumulate around all the main organs in our body and suppress its function.


Carrying excess body fat may negatively affect our Neurological, Respiratory, Urological, Musculoskelatal  and Circulatory systems. It may put a burden on our body’s psychological, reproductive and gastrointestinal function. It may also suppress the pancreas and lead to nutritional deficiency.  Basically all of the bodily systems eventually will become affected by the excess body fat, leading to various chronic illness.



This is why we should get rid of the excess body fat not only to look better, but most of all to be healthy and to enjoy life without diseases.