To eat organic or not to eat organic, that is the question? My answer is yes – GO ORGANIC!

Already in 1995, it was discovered that the mineral content in organic vegetables and fruits is much higher than in the non-organic. Later several studies confirmed that the antioxidant content of the organic foods is up to 50% higher compared to the not organic ones.

Then are the other factors: chemicals in the non-organic foods, which are contributing to various health problems, sustainability and saving our planet and of course the animal welfare.

If you not convinced yet, just go to your local organic farmer or farmers market, get your weekly shopping there and see how much tastier the food is and how much longer it stays fresh. Then continue for a week and discover how much better you feel, how much more energy you have. Then, continue for a month and discover how your health is improving and how awesome you feel 😀

You may say that you cannot afford to buy all organic. It is true the non-organic, poor quality food is often cheaper, as it is cheaply produced. Organic farming takes much more time and effort to produce, that is why the price can be a little bit higher. My answer to that is: better invest in your health now, by eating tasty organic food, other than spending thousands later for the doctors and medication. But, if you still concerned about the money. Check the Dirty Dozen Clen Fifteen List. Dirty Dozens are the vegetables and fruits that we should always buy organic, because of the high chemical pollution. Thos are often fruit and veg with a thin skin, therefore the pesticides can easily get inside that plant. The Clen Fifteen is the vegetables and fruits that are safe to eat when they are not organic.

Have you made the decision yet? I did, a few years ago. I chose to go organic and I would never go back! My physical and mental health has improved hugely. Yes, that right, what we eat is affecting not only our body but also the brain. My performance has improved. My skin is better, hair is thicker, nails don’t split anymore. I’m just much happier and healthier person and I truly recommend to everyone to GO ORGANIC!

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About the Author:

Ola Van Zyl is Owner of Positive Vitality Nutritional Therapy, Health Coach, Corporate Nutrition Specialist, Sports Nutrition Specialist and Public Speaker. Ola is a graduate of the Institute of Health Sciences in Nutritional Therapy, Dietary Counselling and Functional Sports Nutrition. She is a member of Nutritional Therapists of Ireland. In her work Ola applies the latest theories and research in nutrition, functional medicine and coaching to achieve optimum health. She works with groups and individuals, helping them to gain more energy, to lose weight, to manage stress, improve sleep quality and mood, as well as increase physical performance. Ola believes that nutrition is the key to long and vibrant live and she is very passionate about creating nutritious and delicious recipes to encourage healthy eating.