Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar

//Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar
Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar 2017-05-26T09:37:38+00:00

SEMINARS Functional Sport Nutrition


Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar is especially designed for

Professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Everyone willing to achieve maximum performance results, speed up the recovery process, burn fat, build muscles, look great and feel even better.


After this seminar you will know

  • What is Functional Sports Nutrition
  • How nutrition can influence your health, performance and recovery
  • The optimum diet for physically active people


Why Functional Sports Nutrition is important?

Nutrition not only affects our health, but also directly influences performance, for better or for worse. Food is considered as important as natural talent, training and physiology. Nutrition provides the body with the raw materials in order to function normally under periods of intense activity and any insufficiency can lead to abnormal function.
There are many bio-hacks and tricks to sports nutrition which may result in small gains in performance, but the greatest gains are more likely to result from normalising physical, psychological and physiological well-being. Adequate nutrition can maximise the efficiency of physiological systems, thereby reducing chances of illness and improving recovery.