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Our specialists:


Ola Mazurkiewicz is a Nutritional Therapist at Positive Vitality, Author at Total Wellness, My Green Dublin and Life and Fitness Magazine, Co-author at Nutritional Reviews Medical Journal. Ola is a graduate of the Institute of Health Sciences in Nutritional Therapy, Dietary Counselling and Functional Sports Nutrition. She is a member of Nutritional Therapists of Ireland.

In her work Ola applies the latest theories and research in nutrition, functional medicine and coaching to achieve optimum health. She works with groups and individuals, helping them to achieve optimum health. Ola believes that nutrition is the key to long and vibrant live and she is very passionate about creating nutritious and delicious recipes to encourage healthy eating.


Anna Kubiak is a certified Personal and Executive Coach. She is passionate about personal development, business psychology and motivation.


Anna started her journey as a coach after completion of Advance Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching in 2015. She has wealth of knowledge in this area and a natural ability to assist people in making changes, understanding themselves, others and achieving business and personal goals. She is extremely curious about human mind and its possibilities.


Anna successfully helps people releasing their full potential and discovering new opportunity for personal grow. As a Life and Business Coach she works with individuals in each challenging areas of their life, whether relationships, career, self-esteem, finance, assertiveness, communication, managing their stress levels or weight lost.



Lisa Hughes is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Lifestyle Coach & Lorisian Practitioner at Nourish for Life. She graduate of the Institute of Health Sciences in Nutritional Therapy and Dietary Counselling and she is a member of Nutritional Therapists of Ireland.

Lisa has a background in Culinary Arts and a great love for home cooking, using whole foods and the freshest ingredients. She is also passionate about using Functional Medicine to optimise the health and wellbeing of her clients. She is constantly expanding her knowledge in the area by attending seminars and keeping on top of the latest research.


Emma O’Toole is a qualified yoga teacher at Yoga with  Emma. Following her qualification in 2011, Emma’s yoga practice changed to Vinyasa flow which she still shares in her classes today. She then extended her yoga teachings to Somatic Movement Coach, guiding people to move slowly to change the pattern of muscle movement both on and off the mat. Experiencing the difference immediately, gentle Somatic Movement has helps lots of homecare works, teachers, construction workers to name a few.

As Emma’s study evolve, she is now working on Prenatal yoga. This soft and compassionate class prepares women for labour and birth is beautiful to share with radiant women in all stages of pregnancy.

Emma has a caring, non-judgmental approach to sharing Yoga and Somatic Movement. With a firm belief, the breath is the bridge connecting the mind and body, fluidity in movement happens.