How to drink wisely and with less side effects

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How to drink wisely and with less side effects

St Patrick’s day is coming and Easter right after. Those are great occasions for socialising, which often involve higher than usual alcohol consumption. How, when and what to drink to enjoy yourself but remain in control? How to protect your liver and avoid the side effects of drinking?

Eat some fat before you drink

Fat will slow the rate at which your body absorbs the alcohol. Make a nice green said with olive oil, avocado and olives with a chicken, fish, chickpeas or egg. You can also snack on unsalted nuts and seeds while you drink. Make sure  your stomach is not empty while you drink, otherwise you put a huge burden on the liver and increase your chances for a massive hangover.

Drink Later in the Day

Until midafternoon, your body is building its food and water reserves, so a drink at lunch will have a bigger impact than one at dinner and your liver will suffer more. Likewise, drinking in a warm environment or under a hot sun promotes sweating, which dehydrates your body and leaves it with less fluid to dilute the alcohol and you get drunk faster. Make sure you have plenty of water along with the alcohol.

Slow Down

The rate at which your body absorbs alcohol into your bloodstream and how intoxicated you feel aren’t based on just the proof of your beverage; these results also hinge upon how quickly you drink. In other words, a small glass of wine drunk in a half hour can have the same effect as a stiff vodka martini sipped over an hour. When you drink fast your liver will not have enough time to metabolise the alcohol and the side effects of drinking will be worse.

Stay away from bubbles

Having a carbonated drink, like Champagne or a gin and tonic, may also make you feel effects faster, as drinks with bubbles are absorbed into the bloodstream faster than flat ones. Also people who mix liquor with diet soda absorb the alcohol faster than do those who choose regular soda or juice as a mixer. Again, faster you absorb the alcohol less time for the liver to detoxify from it.

Drink pure alcohol

Pure alcohol is clear. So whether you choose beer, wine, or spirits, the darker your drink, the more outside compounds for your liver to deal with it contains, which can leave you feeling more hungover the next day. Also consider a wine or liquor bottle’s price; a costlier bottle usually means that higher-quality wooden barrels, like French oak, were used and the product was distilled many times (the more, the better), which cuts down on the amount of impurities.

Take Liver Wellness Supplements

Some herbs and nutrients may protect the liver from toxins, reduce liver damage and help liver to repair itself after drinking. They should be taken before and after drinking and when you experience a sluggish liver. Most effective are: Milk Thistle, Boldo Extract, Artichokes, Dandelion, Burdock Root, Alpha Lipoic acid, Glutathione. Liver Wellness contains all of those and more, and trust me it works great!

Read more about liver health here

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